About Me

My name is Wataru Sawaji and I am a psychotherapist. My journey to becoming a psychotherapist was not a conventional one. After studying oil painting at an art college in Japan, I relocated to France where I studied philosophy and aesthetics at the University of Strasbourg. During my time in France, I also taught Japanese at local high schools and worked as an operator for a medical assistance company that provided doctors to tourists.

Upon returning to Japan after an 11-year stay in France, I founded a company that imported and sold essential oils from French manufacturers. My interest in alternative medicine, particularly in the areas of homoeopathy and aromatherapy, inspired me to venture into this field. My curiosity about mental health was piqued by my experience teaching aromatherapy. I eventually decided to study clinical psychology at a graduate school, which led me to gain clinical experience in the medical, welfare, and school fields.

Since 2016, I have been working at Mejiro Sola Clinic in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which is renowned for its ability to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care to its diverse patient base. Notably, the clinic caters to non-Japanese patients, who make up 80% of the patient population. Through my work at the clinic, I have developed expertise in providing psychotherapy in Japanese, French, and English, as well as conducting intake interviews and psychological testing.

Taking a longer route may allow you to appreciate diverse landscapes, even if it also requires more time. Taking detours taught me to approach my clients’ problems from multiple perspectives, without bias. I also understand the importance of evidence-based approaches in psychotherapy and have received training in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). I take a tailored approach to each client, considering their individual circumstances, personality, and objectives, and using the most appropriate method for their unique situation.